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An upgrade from the Spectravue 300, this unit offers the same high level of power and adjustment of the Universal model, while catering to today's newest D-SLR cameras. Remote controlled power supply allows for 1/10 stop adjustment to background flash intensity. Power, portability and factory set alignment make this the ultimate background projector.

Price: US$ 5,810.00  Does not include camera mount.

Price: US$ 770.00  Camera Mount




  • 28-80 Zoom Lens
  • 250 Watt Power Suppy with Remote Control and 1/10 f Stop Increment Adjustment
  • Two 6 - Background Carousel Carriers
  • Training DVD

This top of the line virtual background system is perfect for both the studio and location photographer.  A special case is available for easy transport and set up.  Projector set up can take less than 2 minutes.  Scene Machine Digital includes a regular slide carrier plus 2  6 background carousels for instant background changes.  The remote control allows the photographer to position the power supply on the floor or at the base of the camera support and can take full control with the remote.  Background exposure can range from 7.5 watt seconds to 250 watt seconds in 1/10  f stop units.

With Virtual Backgrounds, the photographer sees both the subject and the background live in the camera or on a monitor.  The photographer instantly adjusts the subject to the background and the background to the subject to create the perfect image which can be immediately displayed.  Backgrounds can be changed in seconds.  Unlike green screen, there is no guesswork, no time consuming post shoot pasting in and no green edges and green hair.

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