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There are many ways to generate a steady revenue stream with a promising profit potential in today’s imaging market. Is it worth focusing on mass production of analog and digital files? Do special orders like enlargements, image management or proofing represent the majority of the profit potential? Or, isn’t the combination of both the key to success?

d-lab.3 provides a fast digital printing solution that enables you to maximize your productivity with 1,700 p/hour (10 x 15 cm/4” x 6”). Take advantage of a unique first-run print rate for high-quality digital printing – automatically – with Agfa d-TFS.  Additionally, d-lab.3 offers a variety of promising specialty print products.

  • Print formats from wallet size up to 20 x 30 cm or 8” x 12” enlargements
  • Prints from 135, APS, 110, and 120 film formats
  • Index prints
  • Prints from digital camera media
  • Prints from digital files on CD-ROM, floppy, or ZIP disks
  • Prints from mounted slides
  • Instant passport photos
  • Print-to-print*
  • Film on CD*
  • …and more… such as prints with text or with decorative frames*

* Additional equipment required.

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