Kodak Professional Photo Paper

Sometimes pictures are just too good to be kept on a screen. Sometimes pictures are meant to be seen, touched, talked about and held. Sometimes photos are meant to be printed out, given as gifts, put in a beautiful scrapbook or featured on a homemade card. For all of your photo printing needs, check out what Kodak has to offer! 

Kodak offers a variety of Professional Photo Papers for everyday at home, high-quality resolution and printing needs. Kodak Photo Paper is great for both professional and personal use and may be used for all of your printing needs.

Once you have started using photo paper, instead of multipurpose printing paper, you probably will not be able to stop because the quality and pixel resolution are so much clearer, detailed, and smooth.

Types of Photo Paper

  • Kodak Royal Photo Paper
  • Kodak Edge Photo Paper
  • Kodak Endura Premier Photo Paper
  • Kodak Thermal Photo Paper

In addition to these types of Kodak Photo Paper, try experimenting with matte, satin, and high–gloss photo papers for artistic and creative types of photo prints!

Sizes of Photo Paper
Kodak offers small, wallet-sized photo paper for all of the photos that you want to take with you or keep in your wallet. They also offer a variety of sizes for household framing and photo enjoyment, such as: 3" X 5", 4" X 6", 5" X 7", and 8" X 10".

Additionally, there are hundreds of other sizes that are much larger for your industrial printing needs. Whether you are part of a successful corporation with many printing needs or are just looking to crop a few great photos, Kodak has the correct size of photo paper to meet your needs.

Benefits of Using Kodak Photo Paper

  • Using Kodak Photo Paper, as opposed to normal, multipurpose paper, will allow you to see and feel the differences in quality more clearly. Photo paper, which is primarily made for inject printers, offers better color depiction, bold and bright colors, smoother skin tones, sharper contrasts, greater attention to details and captures those vivid memories for a lifetime.
  • Photo paper is much thicker than multipurpose paper, which means your photos will last longer as they are less likely to be wrinkled, torn and tattered.