Kodak Apex

There is absolutely no need to sacrifice professional results for convenience when it comes to the Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX). The Kodak APEX has the interests of small business owners in mind with its unprecedented scalability, its modular, cost sensitive design, and its reduced ecological footprint. The Apex allows your business to operate smarter with its multitude of user-friendly parts and add-ons:

  • Kodak Apex 30 offers more printing in less space. This is a fantastic initial add-on to your Apex system.
  • Kodak Apex 40 boasts integrated sorters that will maximize your productivity.
  • Kodak Apex 70 brings versatility to the table, and presents a wider set of options for printers.
  • Kodak Apex 110 is a beast of capability that ensures maximum print capability and superior productivity for any business

For the photo enthusiast, avid spelunker, or habitual night owl, Kodak also offers an LED device ready to equip to your headphone jack that will illuminate your snapshots without draining your smartphone battery. The SP410 features 21 low-wattage lights that are powered by a lithium ion battery, and will provide up to sixty full minutes of light.

Any hobbyist can also utilize one of Kodak's LED printers for any of their photos off of their phone. The Kodak Professional RP50 LED Printer features a Photoshop plugin, so you can print off their pictures right after they perform some touch-ups.

Kodak's LED options aren't just limited to photography or office multipurpose machines: This technology giant also offers a multitude of different LED bulbs suitable for the hospitality industry, such as their popular selection of 2-6 watt globular or faceted decorative bulbs.

When it comes to copying, however, it's hard to beat Konica Minolta's C364 Copier, which features a touch-and-swipe control panel that is both innovative and efficient. The C364 can kick out 36 pages per minute, making it a valuable tool for professionals who are looking to increase their office workload capacity, or those very ambitious young photographers and journalists who have a lot of material they need copied, and copied fast.

Every day, companies like Kodak and Konica Minolta make strides towards a future in which photography is not only simpler and more accessible, but also of higher quality. Their partnership is fabulous news for both your home and your office.

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