The growing popularity of digital photography has seen a decrease in the demand for film development. The digital revolution has truly caught up with film industry. Today, larger photolab machines that were capable of processing between 30 and 40 thousand films daily are quickly going out of business as more retailers begin installing digital photolabs. A digital photo minilab is a basically a computer based printer using traditional processes of chemical photography in making prints generated from digital images. With a photolab machine, you can make lots of corrections on your pictures like color saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, cropping, and scene lighting color.

Choose the Right One

Different photolabs are organized and made differently. Spend some time chatting with the people actually doing the printing. Ideally, they will become an extension of the artist in you. Understand how their printing processes work. Do they take time in inspecting their own work? Do they appear rushed? Find out the media types they are offering. If you are confident with your own technical and professional abilities, get a photolab that lets you retain maximum control. Alternatively, select one that fully understands the way you wish to have your images enhanced. What type of lab equipment are they using? This last aspect is very critical as final outcome will depend on it.

Select the Proper Finished Element

Each type of finish will typically give you a completely different effect when it comes to the final print. Do you want a coffee table compilation of your travel pictures? Do you wish to have a muted matte finish to your black and white plain shot? Or perhaps you desire the textured look of a canvas type gallery wrap? The point is, pick the wrong one and all you will end up with is just one more “snapshot”. Select the proper one and watch how people will react in awe when they glimpse your creation. Be Demanding There is definitely something special and unique when you see the final tangible element: the photograph. A photolab machine operator who truly understands that fact will spend time in understanding you better. Use that time to set down your requirements and stick by them. If you are not pleased with their output, demand to have the work redone.


Your photo is the end result of a series of thought and actions that you, as the artist went through during the entire creative process. At the end of the process, what you will have is the print. This is the final product and any mistake done here would potentially bring all your hard work to zero. So, if you decided to go the digital photolab machine route, do so wisely and carefully. The final outcome is dependent on the choices you make in your digital photolab machine.