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New Mitsubishi Kiosk 2.0

The Kiosk 2.0 from Mitsubishi Photo Imaging is the next step in advanced digital printing. The system is a fully integrated, digital photofinishing system that provides immediate profit potential to any retail storefront or on-site event printing.     

  • All in one design same as apple iMac
  • PC and screen in one compact package.
  • No need for extra room or space, just ad the printer.
  • No keyboard or mouse required , touch screen system.

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  • High speed, high volume digital printing
  • Super-small footprint
  • Easy-to-use, menu-driven touchscreen guide
  • Personalized index prints and Photoclick CD with viewing software
  • Image editing and enhancement capabilities
  • Accepts a wide variety of digital media
  • Connect up to 6 Mitsubishi printers for greater capacity
  • Outstanding quality and reliability


Mitsubishi Kiosk 2.0


Option No. 1Touch Screen Kiosk+K60DW-S
Option No. 2Touch Screen Kiosk+CP3800DW
Option No. 3Touch Screen Kiosk+Mini Album Printer
Option No. 4Touch Screen Kiosk+K60DW-S+CP3800DW
Option No. 5Touch Screen Kiosk+K60DW-S+Mini Album Printer
Option No. 6Touch Screen Kiosk+CP3800DW+Mini Album Printer
Option No. 7Touch Screen Kiosk+K60DW-S+CP3800DW+Mini Album Printer




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