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 1425073 KODAK APEX 30,  Dual 7000 Printer, 120v .... US$9.500


1 –Kodak 7000 And 1 –Kodak 8800

Has two printers

1 for 4 - 5 and 6 inch.

1 printer  for  8 inch.

This one is for immediate delivery .


Please see here more information.


Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange 30
Incredible versatility. Compact design. Simply an exceptional value.
The All-in-One Compact Photo Shop from Kodak. The KODAK Adaptive Picture Exchange 30 (APEX 30) gives you great options to grow your business. Our new compact solution holds up to two of our KODAK 7000 Series Photo Printers — double the capacity for standard prints sized up to 6x8 in. Add a KODAK 8000 Series Photo Printer to deliver exciting new premium products in both 8x10 in. and 8x12 in. sizes. Ideal for low-mid volume printing opportunities.

Serrano Rey

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