Pakon F-335

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The F335 High Speed Film Scanner offers world class speed, quality and price all in one!  The F335 is a high quality 16-bit Film Scanner for 35mm (negative, positive, or B&W) or APS. The F335 scans rolls up to forty images, as well as strips down to two frames.

The scanner automatically reads the DX code from 35mm film. Built-in DX code reading means correct frame numbering. Low maintenance via automatic calibration and diagnostics. Cleaning brushes remove static and dust before film is scanned. Digital ICE™ Technology accurately identifies any other surface defects on film and automatically removes them during scanning processes.  Scanning capabilities at multiple resolutions up to 2000x3000, gives the F335 the flexibility to meet the most demanding output requirements. The patented high-speed scanning technology and efficient work flow management software (one scan equals unlimited outputs) make the F335 an excellent choice!

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Software included.

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