Pakon F-235 / F-235 Plus

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The F235 & F235 Plus are a high quality 14-bit Film Scanner for 35mm (negative, positive,  or B&W) or APS film. The F235 & F235 Plus scans  rolls up to forty images, as well as strips down to two frames.  The scanners automatically reads the  DX code from 35mm film. Built-in DX code reading means correct frame numbering. Maintenance is minimal due to its automatic calibration and diagnostics. Kodak DLS Automatic Dust, Dirt and Scratch Removal Software is built-in. You have the ability to turn it on for maximum quality or turn it off for maximum scanning efficiency. Scanning capabilities at multiple resolutions up to 2000x3000, gives the F235 & F235 Plus the flexibility to meet the most demanding output requirements. The patented high-speed scanning technology and efficient work flow management software (one scan equals unlimited outputs) make the F235 & F235 Plus an excellent choice! Unique design and unmatched quality make it an ideal component in the following applications:

  • Behind the counter desktop scanner
  • Input device for digital Minilab systems
  • Input device for Kiosk applications


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