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High-speed consecutive scanning of a 36-frame, 135 type (35mm) film at 1,108 dpi (1,024 x 1,536 pixels) which is saved on the host PC hard disk drive in just four minutes. (Seperate systems for Windows or Macintosh.)


  • The UY-S90, treats each individual frame as a seperate image, a pre-scan determines the exposure for that frame, before that frame is scanned. Whilst other scanners apply an average to what they consider the general state of exposure of the film to be, the Sony copes with films overexposed in some places and underexposed in others.
  • Scans a frame in ten seconds, at a maximum resolution of 2,216 dpi (2,048 x 3,072 pixels).
  • 12 bit
  • Compatible with negatives and positives, B/W and colour of the following formats:
    135 type (35mm) film (roll / mounted slide / film strip)
    Advanced Photo System (IX240) film (with optional IX240 film carrier)
  • DX code decoding*.
    *effective when used with the bundled scanning utility software. The software enables correct colour calibrations for DX coding on all film types. For APS film, this optical marking is used to differentiate between P, C and H codes.
  • High-quality performance with Automatic Colour Compensation. Internal JPEG compression. Easy set-up and simple operation
  • High speed 35mm film scanner designed for high productivity that features unattended automatic roll scanning. Also features automatic color correction. Stores to JPEG or bitmap. Resolutions adjustable to 2,048x3,072 pixels., which it scans in 9 sec. Lower resolutions are scanned in 3 sec. One path scanning. Halogen lamp.


The scanner is TWAIN compliant, and connects to a PC using SCSI II. The TWAIN drivers are included with the scanner, enabling you to scan (with inbuilt DX correction), using your favorite Image editing software.

Software Features:

  • Invert, mirror,rotate and reverse frames
  • Adjust brightness and contrast as well as grey balance.
  • Adjust RGB or CYMK colour.
  • Select colour lookup tables.
  • adjust sharpness and compression ratio.
  • supports .bmp and .tiff formats.
  • Enables DX code decoding.
  • Optical DX code on APS and 35mm
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