Frontier 500

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The compact, space-saving Fujifilm Frontier 500 Digital Lab System offers an affordable way to launch a digital camera print processing business. And with its high-speed, high-capacity performance, the Frontier 500 can keep up with rapidly growing demand. Designed with a host of labor-saving features, the separate input/output configuration also permits expansion of the basic system. Achieving new savings in energy consumption, the Frontier 500 makes it easier than ever to offer high-quality digital camera print services.

The compact Frontier 500 can produce up to 800 prints per hour (4R size), ample capacity for a growing business. A single order (24 prints/4R size) can be processed in a mere 3 minutes 44 seconds. The combination of Fujifilm's proprietary Frontier hardware, processing chemicals and photographic paper significantly boosts processing speed, achieving a dry-to-dry time of just 87 seconds for a 4R size print.

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