Frontier 550

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A medium volume digital lab system featuring the SP3000 scanner and the Frontier LP5500, with an incredibly compact footprint, the Frontier 550 produces up to 1,210 4R prints per hour from film and digital media sources. With the ability to handle paper sizes from 3.5'-12', the Frontier F550 is an ideal choice for today's busy digital labs.

  • Processing capacity of up to 1,210 4R prints per hour
  • Faster throughput allows 'prints in minutes' service; utilizing Type II paper and CP49E chemistry, 24 4R prints require only 2 feet 55 inches
  • Small footprint of the LP5500 (< 13 square feet) and three sided maintenance make it ideal for space conscious labs
  • The red-eye correction process is fully automated (separate software required)

Scratch and dust on the original images are detected and corrected automatically

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