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Konica R1 provides faster printing by enhanced BCH exposure engine.  High-speed performance of 1400 prints (127 x 89 mm) per hour, for both digital camera and film images. Performance is on the highest level, especially for prints from digital media. Processing speed for large format prints is also on the highest level.

Outstanding digital compatibility supports every kind of digital service. With just one R1 SUPER 1400 system, you can provide a host of digital services from a wide variety of input media sources. Excellent scanning speed from digital media, and the ability to print images from digital cameras and conventional film all in a small footprint. Consistently excellent performance and intuitive operation mean a stress free operating environment for you and your customers.

User-friendly operation:  This model inherits the original operating simplicity of the R1 Series, so even beginners will find it easy to use. All print operations are consistent, and the function buttons – all available on the main screen are arranged in an easy to understand manner. A dedicated, simple-design keyboard enables even first timers to perform complex operations, such as adjustments of color depth and gradation that normally require specialist expertise.

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