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High resolution 400 x 800 dpi images through newly designed S.E.A.D. exposure engine. Prints from digital cameras feature fine-grained gradations rivaling the richness and expressiveness of silver-halide images. Letters are crisp and sharp, exuding high quality. Output from many types of media, including DVD. Extremely fast loading of images from digital cameras. A single system to deliver every kind of digital service. Digital ICE and red-eye correction – indispensable features for digital services. Also one-click CD-R burning, built in as a standard function. Inherits the acclaimed easy operation of the R1 SUPER Series, with identical procedures for all print operations and frequently used function buttons arranged in easy to find locations on the main menu.

  • Enabling features standard for your digital on-site business
  • World class 400 x 800 dpi high-resolution image quality.
  • Highly reliable printer, capable of large format prints up to 10 x 15 inches.
  • Minilab system with outstanding network compatibility,
  • enabling the full range of digital services.
  • Partnership with your shop after installation, to support your system environment.


  • New features of compact system
  • World’s most compact design (1.48 m2 footprint) in 10-inch system
  • All the performance and features of separated system on one integrated body.
  • Allows efficient standing operation.
  • Partnership with your shop after installation, to support your system environment
  • World’s highest level of resolution at 400 x 800 dpi.
  • Universal separated system for 10 x 15 print width.

Two types available, for pr ocessing capability of 1,000 sheets/hour (127 x 89 mm) or 700 sheets/hour (127 x 89 mm).

Serrano Rey

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