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 Spare Parts Kit for Noritsu LPS-24

Parts Kit

Each Kit Contains the most requested and popular pats we get asked to quote on a regular basis in many differents countries

Sale Price:

US$ 1,768.00

There are more than US$ 5,000.00 in parts for only this low price!


Images are only some of the items contain on the kit.

Please see all parts number bellow.

Name of the partOur Part No.Qty
BELLOW  404010051785
POPPET VALVE  404010062965
20303062-00 OR H153066-00 GEAR TEETH-22 D-CUT4405
20308045-00 OR H153339-00 BUSHING 4565
20303233-00 OR H153076-00 GEAR TEETH-21 O-CUT 4575
20303231-00 OR H153074-00 GEAR TEETH-17 O-CUT4585
20303216-00 OR H153071-00 GEAR TEETH-195185
20303038-00 OR H153063-00 GEAR TEETH-264605
20303023-00 OR H153061-00 GEAR TEETH-17 D-CUT4615
20303215-00 OR H153070-00 GEAR TEETH-19 D-CUT4625
20303217-00 OR H153072-00 GEAR TEETH-30 O-CUT4635
20303220-00  H153654-00 GEAR TEETH-19 4595
20403061-00  H153135-00 GEAR TEETH-17 SPROCKET5205
401111-01  SHAFT BERING (6000) BIG 5445
40111100 SHAFT BERING (608) SMALL 5445
20303029-00 OR H153062-00 GEAR TEETH-22 D-CUT440-A,5545
20301509-00 OR H153055-00 SQUEEGEE ROLLER 1
20301505-00 OR H153051-00 PLASTIC ROLLER 1
20301506-00 OR H153052-00 RUBBER ROLLER 1
20301503-00 OR H153049-00 SWERVE ROLLER 1
20306017-00 OR H153092-00 SWERVE ROLLER  1
40120003-OR LOWER TURN BELT 645X2475741
40120010-OR UPPER TURN BELT 645X1465741
4011800-01 CHEMICAL FILTER 1775






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