Spare Parts Kit for Noritsu V30/50/100

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Images are only some of the items contain on the kit.
Please see all parts number bellow.

Price: $809.00 USD


Sr.No.Name of the partOur Part No.Qty
1A128782-01 GEAR TEETH-12 245
2A503326-01 GEAR TEETH-16505
3A229768-01 WORM GEAR 615
4A513915-01 GEAR TEETH-37 D-CUT1205
5A206114-01 BUSHING 1325
6A231340-01 WORM GEAR 1425
8I091102-00 BELLOW 1755
9B103578-01 MAIN GEAR O-CUT75
10A237953-01 GEAR TEETH-12/24 2715
11A030483-00 GEAR TEETH-122725
12H029037-00 CHEMICAL FILTERS1775
13A004980-01 C-LOCK2555
14I091055-00 CAP2485
15I091070-00 INTEL2495
17I0910003-00 POPPET WALV 2965
18H005104-00 E-RING2595
19A231340-01 WORM GEAR 3895
20A230229-00 GEAR TEETH-20/243935
21GEAR TEETH-12/304005
22A230446-01 GEAR TEETH-134075
23A128721-01GEAR TEETH-26585
24A128720-01 GEAR TEETH-24 D-CUT1175
25A509986-01 SHAFT GEAR 475
26A128720-01 GEAR TEETH-24 D-CUT195
27A128772-01 GEAR TEETH-20525
28A128559-01 BUSHING955

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