Noritsu D 703

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A high performance dry printer for progressive retailers

The ideal dry printer solution for retailers. The D703 unlocks the key to progressive possibilities in the photo retail business. - Discover the possibilities of dry technology

For progressive shops

The reduction in installation space is one of the attractive features of dry printers. The small footprint (just 0.35m²) helps to free up space, which can be used for creative purposes such as providing new services like the value-added products you offer. When using roll paper, the D703 can produce up to 650 prints per hour. If you need a higher capacity, double stacking enables you to make print 1300 prints per hour.

  • Space-saving design. Opens up more space for value-added products and other retail needs
  • Minimal investment required to start up a new business.
  • A household power supply and a PC are all you need to provide a high-grade print service.

For progressive customers

The D703 gives your precious images a tangible form by turning them into beautiful prints. The new dye ink used in the D703 has an improved molecular structure so it is able to withstand light and ozone. High grade ink produces long lasting colours.

  •  High quality prints produced with newly developed ink.
  • An array of value-added photo products that create excitement and motivate customers to print.
  • The excellent image permanence ensures your customers’ precious photos will withstand the test of time.

For progressive workflows

There is no need for chemical management with this dry system. It has an array of convenient options to make your job all that much easier. An optional magazine can be added so as to enable you to use a total of two paper rolls including the built-in roll paper loading system. This allows you to use different size rolls for print size variation. Also, if you choose to use the same size paper, the D703 will continue to print even when one roll is depleted, as it will automatically switch to the other roll.

  • Dry system. No photofinishing chemical maintenance.
  • Numerous options to improve workflow efficiency.                                                                                     (sorter unit / optional magazine / variety of paper sizes)
  • Environmentally-friendly. Safe and clean.


For progressive network systems

A flexible system configuration that can be scaled to meet your particular needs. A wide variety of software and peripheral equipment to choose from. Everything from order management to image correction. Can be used to drive the D703 and its system components. The EZ Controller takes care of everything from printing to managing the orders. The graphic user interface is easy to use, even for beginners.

  •  Smooth operation with the EZ Controller.
  • Easy image correction and order management.
  • Scalable system configuration to meet individual needs.
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