QSS-32 Series

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QSS-3211 / 3212 / 3213 (Digital / DLS) The QSS-32 Series delivers a powerful combination of superior performance and outstanding flexibility.  High Capacity:  Produce up to 1,620* prints per hour for exceptional productivity and profitability. Features such as additional paper magazines will dramatically improve efficiency.

Consistent Quality: Built-in technology ensures superior image processing and dependable quality no matter which kind of media is used.  A high speed printer-processor produces quality prints of various sizes, from wallet size to jumbo panoramas. Create from 900-1,620* prints per hour from digital cameras or negative film.

The QSS-32 Minilab Series allows everything from producing prints from digital cameras, positive film, or application software, to easy enlargements and creating photo CDs from film, media or prints.

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