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If you're considering the move up to a more productive processor, the KM4 represents an affordable investment that allows for future growth. Whether a high production color lab, studio, or photo finishing operation, the KM4 is you best choice today...and tomorrow.
Designed using the latest technologies, the KM4 is a processor with features that assure the highest quality and trouble free film and print processing available.
The KM4 utilizes an advanced computer system that automatically controls operating parameters with extreme accuracy for greater processing consistency.
The digital display is continually updated showing the status of processing functions. Should a change or adjustment be necessary, a membrane keyboard with international symbols permits easy data entry. Keyboard operation is simple and requires only a few minutes to learn.
Each square inch of material entering the processor is computer scanned, assuring accurate chemical replenishment.
Wash/dryer cycles, on/off times, and automatic stand-by are also computer controlled, providing maximum energy savings.
Options including water panels, chemical blending systems and mixers are available to make your job simple, efficient, and productive.
Offering higher performance and less maintenance through innovative design, the Kreonite KM4 is your best investment now...and for the future.

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