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The New Digital VirtualBackgrounds System instantly enable photographers to create an infinite variety of backgrounds directly from their computer, iPad, tablet, or smart phone. Take a photo and it instantly can become your background!

New VB Express Digital

New BV Express Digital

• Vb digital Projector
• Screen
• Rotating camera mount (included)
• Screen Stands

• Tablet & Camera Not included

* Please advise the lens size of the camera you are going to use with this system so we can include the correct ring adapter.

Screen case and projector case are not included because we wanted to keep it as basic as possible. Those things are optional accessories and depend on how the customer wants to use the system. Somebody who does studio work only does not need cases.

The customer needs to get a HDMI cable and a HDMI adapter if they want to use a tablet (tablets don’t have hdmi so they need to get the adapter first). Laptops have hdmi so they would need the cable only.

The backgrounds are controlled with a photo editing app. We use photoshop express and Aviary on our tablet, other programs will work, too. Many of them don’t cost anything.  


Take 2 minutes to learn about the most exciting and profit producing product in photography today !


The digital background can be instantly modified. Besides adjusting the background’s proportional size, brightness, focus, and position behind the subject, with digital, you can easily adjust color, contrast, and can perform an infinite number of special effects. You can even photograph the subject and then instantly use the subject’s image as a background. The key to success is to produce images that no one else can and do so with ease and minimal cost.

New VB Express Digital

The new digital system utilizes the latest technology in very small but powerful video projection combined with other VB developments to produce brilliant, clear backgrounds.

New VB Express Digital

Projected backgrounds provide the photographer with the ability to do highly creative things no one else can do. It opens the doors to all kinds of new profit making opportunities. Some photographers pay for their system very quickly from new profits.

Shipping Dimensions:


Dim: 30in x 30in x 16in (77cm x 77cm x 41cm) (LxWxH)
WT: 40 Lbs (19 Kgs)

4ft x 6ft (1.22mt x 1.83mt) Screen:

Dim: 66in x 9in x 9in (168cm x 23cm x 23cm) (LxWxH)
WT: 45 Lbs (21 Kgs)

8ft x 8ft (2.44mt x 2.44mt) Screen:

Dim: 116in x 9in x 9in ( 295cm x 23cm x 23cm) (LxWxH)
WT: 60 Lbs (28 Kgs)

Attention !!!!!!

VIDEO PROFESSIONALS, Read this please.

1.  Green screen requires time consuming post processing in most every application.  Post processing is time consuming and expensive.  For example, in school photography done with green screen the average cost of removing the green and replacing it with a background (often called rendering) is 50 cents PER shot.  It can be as low as 25 cents and as high as $1.00 [per shot/ Considering that school photographers do 500 to 1000 shots a day,  rendering the green screen to a background is very expensive and this cost goes on forever.   With our technology, once the system is paid for, the savings go straight to the bottom line…forever.  This makes green screen very expensive in the long run.    There is similar rendering for most videographic applications.  Because of the expense of each shot done with green screen, most school photographers don't do multiple shota of each kid. Our process makes multiple shots with proofs an option.

2.  Green screen unless in the most perfect situation has a green fringe around the subject and in the subject's hair.  When the image is rendered, the fine edges of the hair, especially with blonds disappear and gives a cut out look.  A similar cut off look can surround the subject but is less evident than in the hair.  Our process does not have this problem with the hair.

3.  The subject cannot wear anything green with green screen.  The rendering process will replace it with background which then has to be painstakingly repaired.

4.  Green screen usually requires the photographer to separately light the green background to kill shadows and have a constant even green.  No need for this with our system.

5.  The light that lights up the green background also bounces around the studio contaminating the lighting with green, sometimes even affecting the subject.

6.  In green screen it is typical to keep the subject 5 to 10 feet in front of the green background so the subject's shadows don't show on the green background .  This essentially makes it necessary to work in a larger area with a bigger green background.  With our process, the subject can be 2, 3 or 4 feet in  front of the background which makes it possible to work in a smaller area with a smaller screen.

7,  Whereas green screen can be very cheap at the low end, real professional quality green screen systems for videography are well over $50,000, big and bulky, and generally require an engineer to run them.  Projected backgrounds are very inexpensive compared with the professional green screen systems.

8.  Projected background systems are simple to set up and take down and operate.  It is possible that the photographer/videographer can set up, do the shoot, and shut it down and pack it up.  

9.  The image for projection with projected virtual backgrounds can come from a smart phone, tablet, etc.

10.  With our process, what you see on the camera is what you get.

11.  Finally, we hold a patent on PROJECTING the green using our projection system and screen.  This process minimizes some of the issues that are fundamental to green screen but it is in most cases rather silly to use our projection process to project the green when our technology minimizes the need for the green approach.

 Again, the biggest issues brought up by green screen people are the green fringe,  the time consuming post processing, the cut out look,  having to control the colors the subjects might wear, and needing more floor space.   

The issues apply to video as well as regular still photographic applications.

Are there any advantages to regular green screen? A few but they are more for big  applications where one needs big big backgrounds and projection on the floor such as for Hollywood.  For day to day typical operations, our projected background system has the above advantages for regular photography and video.



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