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Sony UP-GR700 ProMatte 8x12 Digital Photo Package Printer

**** This Printer is Descontinued ****


Sony is pleased to introduce the new UP-GR700 8x12 Digital Photo Package Printer. The UP-GR700, featuring Sony's patented professional portrait finish, is the printer that the professional portrait photographer has been waiting for! The ProMatte finish offers the look and feel of traditional silver halide matte photos. Designed specifically for the portrait photography market, this sophisticated matte print look offers a fine raster finish and a non-glare, fingerprint proof surface.

The UP-GR700 offers a new revenue stream potential for on-site, on-demand portrait photography. It also allows for improved workflow. The UP-GR700 features 8x10 and 8x12 glossy or ProMatte prints from the same media pack! Its high capacity allows for 170 8x 10 prints or 150 8x12 prints per pack. Incorporating Sony's high-quality, reliable dye sublimation printing technology, the UP-GR700 produces a ProMatte 8x10 print in 53 seconds; ProMatte 8x12 in 58 seconds. A glossy 8x10 is created in 43 seconds; glossy 8x12 in 48 seconds.
The UP-GR700 uses Sony's 2UPC-R710 media, which offered the look and feel of traditional photo paper. To protect your important revenue stream your photos are marked 'Professional Photos are protected by copyright' on the back.


  • ProMatte patented technology for fine matte finish
  • 8x12 Digital Photo Package Printer for the Professional Portrait Market
  • Glossy and ProMatte output from the same media pack
  • Borderless prints
  • Sony dye sublimations technology roll printer
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