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2008 model

Perfect order

Light usage 

Very clean 

Max photo size 30”x 35’ feet

76cm x 11 meters

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  • State-of-the-art high resolution digital images.
  • High print production including mixed format print/order collating and traying.
  • Optimized for throughput.
  • Produces images from 2-up wallets to 30”x35ft. from one roll of 30″ media.
  • Mixed format print sizes from 4×5 to large format automatically XY-Cut collated, Trayed and Ready to bag.
  • Banners up to 35 ft. long
  • All Sizes completely color matached
  • High volume efficient workflow.
  • Perfectly matched and managed orders across multiple sizes.
  • Small footprint with Simple Operation
  • Daylight loading with no cassettes, eliminating the need for a darkroom.
  • Easy integration with all popular workflows.
  • Proven labor, equipment, operational, and energy costs.
  • Reduced material inventory keeping.
  • Affordable pricing and maintenance costs.
  • 3 line back-printing on all formats.
  • On-the-fly automated nesting, cutting, sorting, back-printing, and collation of print orders.
  • Unprecedented production turnaround and delivery time.
  • Sophisticated built-in Self-Diagnostics system.




  • Each workstation on the network has full control of “front end” printer functions.
  • Print files may be printed from any location on the network with no Operator required for printing.
  • Printing begins immediately and proceeds as the file is received over the network.
  • The user interface for submitting jobs and controlling printing parameters is refined for high throughput and particular ease of use. Each workstation submitting jobs to the printer can control all printing parameters as well as monitor the queue of work being printed. (e.g. print size, image rotation, print job priority, borders, text notes on prints, color balance, and number of prints.)
  • Multiple Chromira printers are supported on the network.
  • Open System: Compatible with all commercial RIP packages.
  • Integrated RA4 photographic processor.
  • Print Finishing: Automated XY finish print cutting, order sorting, back printing.
  • Material Size: Daylight loading 30″ (76 cm) down to 10″ (25.5 cm) wide rolls.
  • Loading or unloading time: Less than 2 minutes.
  • Materials: Any RA-4 media and surface, including backlit display films.
  • Print Sizes: 3.5 x 5″ (9×12 cm) up to 30 inches x 35 feet (.76 x 10.67 m), full bleed or with borders. Image files scaled on-the-fly to any desired print size.
  • File types: TIFF (Mac or Windows), Windows BMP, or JPEG. Open interface from RIP.
  • Physical: 65″ L x 60″ W x 66″ H, 28 sq. ft.
    (1.65m L x 1.52m W x 1.68m H, 2.5 sq. m.)
  • Access required on all 4 sides.
  • Daylight loading. (No cassettes required)
  • Connections: 100 Base-T network, Air, Water, Power: 208V, 6.8kW/32A.
  • Integrated ZBE RA4 photographic processor.
  • Print Finishing: Automated XY finish print cutting, order sorting, back printing.
  • Print Head: Proprietary LED Imaging Technology (Patented). Utilizes ZBE’s powerful Chromira5x Hybrid LED imaging engine.
  • Print Speed: 24 inches per minute. Equals (per hour): 1440 – 4×6″, 480 – 8×10″, 240 – 11.x 14″, 69 – 20×30″, 35 – 30″x40″.
  • Image Resolution: 300 PPI; 425 PPI visual resolution with ZBE’s patented LED Resolution Enhancement Technology.
  • Color Depth: 36 bit.
  • Platform: Windows 7 (embedded in printer).
  • Open System: Compatible with all commercial RIP packages. Dedicated RIP is NOT required. Compatible with any off-the-shelf color management software.


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