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        Steadycam, Vest & Arm         NEW
YYDR059Mini Stabilizer S-40                                                      New 
 (Fit for iphone, gopro, and mirrorless camera  
 top equipment capacity rage: 0.2kg-1.5kg, max 40cm, Al rods, with carry bag)
YYDR068Mini 3 Foot Stabilizer S-43                                           New  
 (Fit for iphone, gopro, mirrorless camera, DV, and dslr camera;  3 foot
 top equipment capacity rage: 0.2kg – 2kg, max 43cm, Al rods, with carry bag)
YYDR053Stabilizer S-60 
 (Fit for DV, and dslr camera
 top equipment capacity rage: 1-3kg, max 60cm, Al rods, with carry bag)    
YYDR0793 Foot Stabilizer S-63                                                    New  
 (Fit for DV, and dslr camera; 3 foot
 top equipment capacity rage: 1-3kg, max 63cm, Al rods, with carry bag)    
YYDR060Wide-usages Stabilizer S-80                                         New  
 (Fit for DV, and dslr camera;     quick remove head part
 top equipment capacity rage: 1-3kg, max 80cm, Al rods, with carry bag)    
YYDR061Carbon Fiber Stabilizer S-100 Pro                               New  
 (Fit for DV, dslr camera, and ENG;   with wires inside rod, lower shooting unit
 top equipment capacity rage: 2-15kg, max 100cm, carbon rods, with carry bag)    
YYDR050Carbon Fiber Stabilizer S-120 
 (Fit for DV, and dslr camera;        with connector for Mattebox
 top equipment capacity rage: 2-5.5kg, max 120cm, carbon fiber rods, with carry bag) 
YYDR051Vest & Arm I      
 (with single spring arm, for top equipment 1.5 - 4kg)    
YYDR052Vest & Arm II   
  (with dual spring arm, for top equipment 1.5 - 5.5kg)
YYDR066Vest & Arm III  Pro                                                         New  
 (with dual spring arm, for top equipment 2 - 6kg)
YYDR070Vest & Arm IV  Pro                                                          New  
  (with dual spring arm, for equipment 6 - 12kg)
YYDR067Pro S-100 Steadycam Set I:                                           New 
 includes Carbon Stabilizaer S-100 pro, vest & arm III, 
 docking plate, power supply system, lower shooting unit
 and pro air case (for 2-6kg top equipment, with wires inside stabilizer)  
YYDR069Pro S-100 Steadycam Set II:                                         New 
 includes Carbon Stabilizaer S-100 pro, vest & arm IV,
 docking plate, power supply system, lower shooting unit
 and pro air case (for 6-12kg top equipment, with wires inside stabilizer)  
YYDR064Docking plate for pro set
YYDR065Power Distributor V-Mount for S-100 Stabilizer / RL-03 Rig
No.                                       Car Rig                
YYDR062Car Rig with 2 Plates                      New  
YYDR063Car Rig with 3 Plates                      New  
YYDR074Car Rig with 4 Plates                      New  
No.DSLR/DV Shoulder Mount Rig & Cage   
YYDR003DSLR Rig RL-03 Pro      
YYDR004DSLR Rig RL-04 Pro                                                                    
YYDR005Camera Cage C1 (with connector & rods and top handle)     
YYDR054Camera Cage C2 (with connector & rods and top handle) fit 5D3/D800 
YYDR073Camera Cage C3 (with connector & rods and top handle) fit BMCC New
YYDR071Counter Weight 1KG (fit for RL-04 Rig)                                 New            
YYDR072Counter Weight 2KG (fit for RL-03 Rig)                                 New            
No.Follow Focus
YYDR006Follow Focus F0 for rods/quick release clamp (with Lens Gear Belt)  
YYDR007Follow Focus F1 for rods (with Lens Gear Belt)
YYDR008Follow Focus F2 for camera with L-shape mount (with Lens Gear Belt)
YYDR009Follow Focus F3 for rods / hard stopers (with Lens Gear Belt) 
YYDR010Follow Focus F4 for rods / hard stopers and quick release (with Belt)  
No.Matte Box
YYDR011Matte Box M1
YYDR012Matte Box M2     
YYDR013Matte Box M3                                                                     
No.Dslr/DV  Rig Set
YYDR014Rig RL-00 I Set (includes Rig RL-00 I + F0 + M1)         
YYDR015Rig RL-00 I+ Set (includes Rig RL-00 I + top handle + F0 + M1)   
YYDR016Rig RL-00 II Set (includes Rig RL-00 I + F0 + M1)                  
YYDR017Rig RL-00 II+ Set (includes Rig RL-00 I + top handle + F0 + M1)  
YYDR018Rig RL-01 Set (includes Rig RL-01 + connector 1 & rods + F1 + M1)
YYDR019Rig RL-02 Set (includes Rig RL-02 + F1 + M1)  
YYDR055Rig RL-02+ Set (includes Rig RL-02 + F0 + M1 + top handle)  
YYDR020Rig RL-03 Set (includes Rig RL-03+F4+M2+Crank+Whips+Case... )
YYDR021Rig RL-04 Set (includes Rig RL-04 + F3 + M3)                          
YYDR022Cage Set (includes Cage C1 + connector 2 & rods+top handle+F1+M1) 
YYDR044Camera Slider pro 60cm                                                                
YYDR045Camera Slider pro 80cm                                                                     
YYDR046Camera Slider pro 100cm                                                               
YYDR047Camera Slider pro 120cm                                                             
YYDR075Camera Slider Middle Level   60cm                                          New                                       
YYDR076Camera Slider Middle Level   80cm                                          New                             
YYDR077Camera Slider Middle Level   100cm                                        New                          
YYDR078Camera Slider Middle Level   120cm                                        New                      
YYDR056Camera Slider Light 80cm                                                                                                     
YYDR057Camera Slider Light 100cm                                                                                       
YYDR058Camera Slider Light 120cm                                                                                              
No.Skater Dolly       
YYDR023Small Dolly D1 with 4 wheels          A Class                                          
YYDR080Small Dolly D1 with 4 wheels          B Class                                         
YYDR024Big Dolly D2 with 4 wheels  and 2 stands                      
YYDR048Dolly D3 with 3 wheels                    
YYDR049Dolly Stand Set (2pcs)
No.HD Support Accessories
YYDR025Magic Arm 7"
YYDR026Magic Arm 11"
YYDR027Magic Arm Rod Clamp                                                        
YYDR028Super Crab Clamp
YYDR029Speed Crank for Follow Focus
YYDR030Whip 12"
YYDR031Whip 18"
YYDR032Big Lens Support Unit
YYDR033Lens Gear Belt for Follow Focus
YYDR034Zoom Lever Gear Ring
YYDR035Connector & Rods 18mm for Rig RL-01
YYDR036Pro Rig C-arm & Top Handle
YYDR037Pro Rig Platform & 40cm Rods
YYDR038Pro Rig L-shape Connector
YYDR052Pro Rig Z-shape Connector
No.LCD Viewfinder
YYDR039LCD Viewfinder V1 (for Canon 5D MarkII / 7D / 500D / Nikon D800)
YYDR040LCD Viewfinder V2 (for Canon 550D /5D III/ Nikon D90)
YYDR041LCD Viewfinder V3 (for Canon 60D/ 600D)
YYDR042LCD Viewfinder V4 (for Sony NEX3/NEX5)
YYDR043LCD Viewfinder V5 (for Nikon 1)                                            
YYDR053LCD Viewfinder V6 (for Canon EOS M)                            New                  
No.DSLR Quick Strap                
YYQS001DSLR Quick Strap (single) with steel wires and steel connector
YYQS002DSLR Quick Strap (double)  with steel wires and steel connector
No.O-Flash Ring Adapter
YYRF001O Flash (155mm) 
YYRF002O Flash (160mm)
YYRF003O Flash (165mm) 
YYRF004O Flash (170mm)  
YYRF005O Flash (175mm)  
YYRF006O Flash (179mm)  
YYRF007O Flash (189mm)  
No.White Balance Cap 
YYWB001White Balance Cap 52mm ( C )
YYWB002White Balance Cap 55mm ( C )
YYWB003White Balance Cap 58mm ( C )
YYWB004White Balance Cap 62mm ( C )
YYWB005White Balance Cap 67mm ( C )
YYWB006White Balance Cap 72mm ( C )
YYWB007White Balance Cap 77mm ( C )
YYWB008White Balance Cap 82mm ( C ) 
YYWB009White Balance Cap 52mm ( N )
YYWB010White Balance Cap 55mm  ( N )
YYWB011White Balance Cap 58mm  ( N )
YYWB012White Balance Cap 62mm  ( N )
YYWB013White Balance Cap 67mm  ( N )
YYWB014White Balance Cap 72mm  ( N )
YYWB015White Balance Cap 77mm  ( N )
YYWB016White Balance Cap 82mm  ( N )
No.Lens Hood
YYLH001Lens Hood for Canon ET-60 (for EF75-300/f4-5.6 III/EF 90-300 lens)
YYLH002Lens Hood for Canon EW-60C (for EF28-90/EF28-80/EF S18-55/EF22-55/4.5-5.6 lens) 
YYLH003Lens Hood for Canon ES-62 (for EF50/1.8II lens) 
YYLH004Lens Hood for Canon ET-63II (for EF28 f/1.8, 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 & 28-105 f/4.0-5.6 lens)
YYLH005Lens Hood for Canon ET-65B (for EF70-300mm/f4.5-5.6DOISUM lens) 
YYLH006Lens Hood for Canon EW-65II (for EF28mm f/2.8 & EF35mm f/2 lens)  
YYLH007Lens Hood for Canon ET65III (for EF 100mm f/2 USM/EF 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM/EF 135mm f/2.8 SOFT FOCUS/ EF 85mm f/1.8 USM)
YYLH008Lens Hood for Canon ET-67 (for EF100mm/f2.8 Macro USM lens)
YYLH009Lens Hood for Canon ES-71II (for EF 50mm F1.4)
YYLH010Lens Hood for Canon EW-73B (for EF-S 17-85IS/4-5.6 lens)
YYLH011Lens Hood for Canon EW-73II (for EF24-85mm lens)                          
YYLH012Lens Hood for Canon ET-74 (for EF 70-200mm f/4.0L lens)                   
YYLH013Lens Hood for Canon EW-78BII (for EF28-135/f3.5-5.6ISU lens)
YYLH014Lens Hood for Canon EW-78D (for EF28-200 F/3.5-5.6/ EF18-200 F/3.5-5.6IS  lens)
YYLH015Lens Hood for Canon EW-78E (for EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens)
YYLH016Lens Hood for Canon ET-83II (for EF 70-200mm f/2.8L lens)                
YYLH017Lens Hood for Canon EW-83H (for EF24-105 f/4L IS USM lens)
YYLH018Lens Hood for Canon EW-83E (EF20-35/f3.5-4.5/EF17-35/f2.8L/EF16-35/f2.8L/EF17-40/f4L/EF-S 10-22/3.5-4.5 lens)
YYLH019Lens Hood for Canon EW-83F (EF 24-70MM f/2.8L lens)                       
YYLH020Lens Hood for Canon EW-83J (for EF-S17-55mm/f2.8 ISU lens)
YYLH021Lens Hood for Canon ET86 (for EF 70-200/2.8L IS USM lens)         
YYLH022Lens Hood for Nikon HB-7 (for AF80-200/F2.8D ED lens)
YYLH023Lens Hood for Nikon HB-23 (for AF-S 17-35mm f/2.8;AF 18-35 f/3.5-4.5D IF-ED)
YYLH024Lens Hood for Nikon HB-25 (for AF 24-85/2.8-4D IF lens)
YYLH025Lens Hood for Nikon HB-32 (for AF-S DX/18-70/3.5-4.5G ED-IF lens)
YYLH026Lens Hood for Nikon HB-33 (for AF-SDX/18-55/f3.5-5.6G ED/AF-SD18-55/f3.5-5.6G EDII)
YYLH027Lens Hood for Nikon HB-35 (for AF-S DX/18-200/3.5-5.6GIF-E lens)
YYLH028Lens Hood for Nikon HB-45 (for AF-SDX/18-55)
YYLH029Lens Hood for Nikon HB-46 (for AF-S 35mm f/1.8G)                        
YYLH030Lens Hood for Nikon HB-47 (for AF-S 50mm f/1.4G)                     
No.Camera Rain Cover
YYRC001Camera Rain Cover (summer style)
YYRC002Camera Rain Cover (winter style)
YYRC003Camera Rain Cover M (new style)                                                  
YYRC004Camera Rain Cover L (new style)                                                    
No.Neoprene Camera & Lens Cover
YYLP001Neoprene Lens Pouch (S)   7.0x7.0x10cm
YYLP004Neoprene Lens Pouch (XL) 10x10x23cm
YYCP001Neoprene Camera Pouch 
No.Flash Diffuser
YYFD001Lambency Flash Diffuser (Clear) P
YYFD005Lambency Flash Diffuser (Cloud) C
YYFD009Lambency Flash Diffuser Ambervault
YYFD012Spirit Pop-Up Flash Diffuser
YYFD013Spirit Pop-Up Flash Diffuser 3 colors Set (White, Yellow & Blue)
YYFD014Flash Diffuser for Canon 270EX
YYFD015Flash Diffuser for Canon 430EX
YYFD016Flash Diffuser for Canon 580EXII
YYFD017Flash Diffuser for Nikon SB600
YYFD018Flash Diffuser for Nikon SB800
YYFD019Flash Diffuser for Nikon SB900
YYFD020Domed Flash Diffuser for Canon 430EX
YYFD021Domed Flash Diffuser for Canon 580EXII
YYFD022Domed Flash Diffuser for Nikon SB900
YYFD023Domed Flash Diffuser 3 colors Set for Canon 430EX (White, Yellow & Blue)
YYFD024Domed Flash Diffuser 3 colors Set for Canon 580EX (White, Yellow & Blue)
YYFD025Domed Flash Diffuser 3 colors Set for Nikon SB900 (White, Yellow & Blue)
No.Lens Cap & Camera Body and Lens Rear Cap 
YYLC017Lens Cap No Brand (Nikon style)  Ultrasonic E-52U           
YYLC018Lens Cap No Brand (Nikon style) Ultrasonic E-58U
YYLC019Lens Cap No Brand (Nikon style) Ultrasonic E-62U            
YYLC020Lens Cap No Brand (Nikon style)  Ultrasonic E-67U
YYLC021Lens Cap No Brand (Nikon style)  Ultrasonic E-72U     
YYLC022Lens Cap No Brand (Nikon style)  Ultrasonic E-77U
YYLC023Camera Body and Lens Rear Cap Set for Canon  
YYLC024Camera Body and Lens Rear Cap Set for Nikon
YYLC025Camera Body and Lens Rear Cap Set for Sony NEX
No.LCD Hood & Eyecup