AGFA D-Lab 2

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d-lab.2 provides a simple formula: the more choices you have, the more output options you can offer your customers. Differentiation of services allows you to position your business successfully. The reward will be increased sales and enhanced profit potential. Take advantage of the entire scope of analog and digital print products and maximize your business opportunities.

  • Print formats from wallet size up to 30 x 45 cm or 12" x 18" poster format
  • Prints from 135, APS, 110, and 120 film formats
  • Index prints
  • Prints from digital camera media
  • Prints from digital files on CD-ROM, floppy, or ZIP disks
  • Prints from mounted slides
  • Instant passport photos
  • Print-to-print*
  • Film on CD*
  • ... and more ... such as prints with text or with decorative frames*

* Additional equipment required.

The AGFA DLab 2 provides you with a vast array of options for your customers. It offers enough product choices for your customers that you will find this machine will likely lead to increased sales and greater profits. 

While it is still compact, much like the DLAB 1 version, it has a large range of capabilities that include most sizes of prints from wallet to poster, index prints, prints from 135, APS, 120 and 110 film formats. It will also print pictures from digital cameras, digital files whether they are on CD-ROM, ZIP disks and even floppy disks. It is able to produce prints from mounted slides as well. 

This machine can also produce instant passport photos, print-to-print and film on CD. That will lead to more new business than you currently have, all of which increases your sales and profits. 

Serrano Rey

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