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34 Years of Quality, Variety and Customer Experience

At Serrano Rey Enterprises, Inc., we believe in quality products and customer service. Over the years, we have built a reputation for consistency, as we offer a wide range of technological solutions and equipment in the film and photography sector. From minilabs for sale to security cameras and photo studio solutions, we endeavor to fulfill specific customer needs. We have a vibrant e-commerce model, designed to ensure the timely processing of client orders and delivery across the world. Our innovative culture enables us to continually look for better ways of doing business with our clients to increase customer satisfaction and stay ahead of our competitors.

We buy and sell new Noritsu minilabs, Fuji minilabs, Kodak minilabs and more, including the Noritsu QSS series and Fuji frontier which is recognized as providing the best output and displaying the finest quality craftsmanship in the minilab industry. Buy your Noritsu minilab from the number one source for digital photo equipment and all types of related products in the USA.


We also sell fully reconditioned and refurbished used minilabs including used Noritsu minilabs, used Fuji minilabs, used Kodak minilabs, used Konica minilabs and used Agfa minilabs and Chomira machines. We carry a complete line of photo equipment and supplies. We also buy used equipment and may be interested in your used minilab. Contact us today for your minilab needs.

Variety For Our Customers

We offer our customers a range of videography and photography products, so they have the freedom to choose the solution that suits their specific needs. We stock new and used minilabs, lighting systems, film scanners, batteries, cameras, photo printers, photo transfer equipment, and the relevant accessories from renowned manufacturers.

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Worldwide Shipping

Our products are available online. Browse our range of products on our website, and make inquiries to learn more about the product that suits your needs. We have a proper supply chain system that allows us to ship our products worldwide. We have partnered with reputable courier and logistics companies that enable us to deliver anywhere you are. Just find the product that you need, place an order, and wait as we deliver your order.

 We are committed to delivering quality products to our customers. We understand that different customers have different needs. Our product diversification is intended to ensure that we have a solution for our diverse customer base. Our teams strive to smoothly and satisfactorily fulfill your orders, so we can give you a memorable customer experience.