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Used & Refurbished Minilabs

Used & Refurbished Minilabs

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We offer fully restored minilab machines, we export to over 93 countries world wide.

We have, Noritsu, Fuji, Konica, Agfa, ZBE Chromira, Durst, and many more. 

Buyers beware:

Most of these used minilab units are sold fully reconditioned and refurbished.
If you are comparing prices, please make sure it is with the same grade # 9 refurbishing level, the highest grade in the minilab industry in our country; otherwise, it will not be fair to you or us. 

We try NOT to sell just used minilabs because most of our customers are end- users who are not technicians and do not have access to technical resources and parts. This is why we offer both used minilabs and refurbished minilabs.

If the machine is sold used, it will say so in the price, either way it is your responsibility to ask if the particular unit you are asking about is refurbished or just used.


We only sale USA machines , machines made for the Asia Market like Japan , China or Singapore are different in many aspects starting with the language in the Tecnical commands and manuals written for other cultures and are not compatible with many parts for machines made for this side of the world.

We have had many clients asking for parts for machines purchased in Asia and we can not help as many of the part numbers are different.

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