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A picture isn't really a picture until you can hold it in your hands. this is exactly what you get with Agfa. AGFA offers Advanced printing for outstanding quality.

Maximum quality in minimum space? And it's all made possible by the D-labs technology specially developed by Agfa. At the heart of the process is the Agfa micro-stepper designed to produce high-resolution, razor-sharp prints.

The innovative printing technique ensures an extremely accurate pixel structure that practically eliminates overlapping adjacent pixels. Compared to others, you get sharper prints from images with the same resolution. And that's not all. The highly reliable LED light source rarely requires maintenance. In other words, regular lamp changes are a thing of the past. Now you can run your business full speed ahead and cash in on non-stop profits.

  • The new digital D-Lab 1 makes it easier to expand your photo imaging business. This compact, multi talented minilab meets all your needs when it comes to simple hands-on operation. And thanks to an extremely small footprint, it takes up less space in your shop.
  • Agfa D-Lab 2 is the all-in-one solution designed to meet all your needs. This system requires minimal workspace and less operating effort, yet guarantees maximum productivity and an absolutely smooth workflow.
  • The Agfa D-Lab 3 is the solution you've been looking for. Your day-to-day business traffic will quickly tell you: This compact, multi talented money machine is designed from the ground up to meet your demands for a profitable business. Expect the best, from Agfa.

Agfa D LABS Designed for your success: Minimum work space n designed to meet all your business needs. This system requires minimal workspace and less operating effort.

Best print quality

With Agfa d-labs printing technology, turns out top-quality photos with a first-run print rate of over 95%. 

Maximum productivity.

The Agfa d-lab.1 handles 25 mixed orders per hour. This provides extra capacity to handle one-hour rush orders at peak times of the day.

Efficient workflow

The Agfa d-labs let you develop film, print analogue 135 mm images, and handle digital orders all at the same time! This means a more efficient workflow from input to output saving valuable time and manpower

The money-making solution – Today and tomorrow!

With a d-labs and Agfa you're ready to meet today's – and tomorrow's – market demands. This is especially important when you consider the fact that the photography business is rapidly changing. Strengthen your market position by adding new products and services. Move to the forefront of the imaging business by offering your customers a full range of print options. start processing a variety of special orders from film, digital media and files received via Internet. Take advantage of the full potential of today's digital imaging business and increase your capacity – without adding new personnel!

Agfa LABS means minimum handling with maximum quality!