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Serrano Rey

Frontier 350

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  • High-Performance Printing
  • 1,300 3R prints per hour
  • 1,050 4R prints per hour
  • Accepts a Wide Range of Sources
  • Traditional silver halide materials
  • CD-ROMS, PC cards, Zip disks, and other digital media
  • High-Resolution SP-1500 Scanner/Image Processor
  • Combines 3 hi-res CCDs to for accurate scanning
  • Scans negative and reversal films in many formats
  • Provides revolutionary print quality at high speeds
  • LP-1500 Laser Printer/Paper Processor
  • Minimizes flare
  • Maintains optimum sharpness
  • Virtually eliminates color contamination
  • Ensures smooth, accurate color gradations
  • Hyper-Tone Image Processing
  • Performs advanced custom printing functions
  • Hyper-Sharpness Image Processing
  • Compensates for film grain
  • New, Simplified Chemical System CP-48S
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Combines multiple cartridges into one package
Serrano Rey

Frontier 350

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